My God, I've Got My Hand Inside of You!

by Jack Rinella

The first time I fisted someone, I couldn't believe my eyes. I was still in
the relatively early stages of "coming out" and was in a local bath. This
guy came up to me, told me what great hands I had, that he loved my hairy
arms, and asked me back to his cubicle.

He then spent the next hour and twenty minutes giving me the world's closest
manicure and taught me how to fist. The rest is history.

I've always been on the giving end of fisting, so I'm going to quote
extensively from a letter I recently received from my friend Larry. He's an
avid fistee, as you will soon see. Properly performed within strict safe sex
guidelines, fisting is probably not as dangerous as it's made out to be.

On the other hand, I'm not advising you take unreasonable risks, nor that
you subject your anus to stresses that endanger your health. Know what
you're doing and with whom you're doing it before you get someone's five
fingers and wrist up your ass. A word to wise ought to be sufficient.

Larry writes: "The first time I was fisted, my friend Ray had been fucking
me and he began toying with my ass hole with a finger which he finally
gently pushed into me. I soon asked him to put another finger into my butt,
and then another. This was a very slow process.

"He would be playing around inside of me with, say two fingers, and I would
finally want another one. So then he had three fingers in. After 30 or 40
minutes of this I again asked him to put another finger in me, but honestly
could not remember how many he already had up my butt.

"He did as I requested, and then I felt a little push, felt my ass dilate
wonderfully (I can still actually remember how that felt that first time,
over 20 years ago) and then I heard him gasp. 'My God, I've got my whole
hand inside of you! Wow! I've never done this before. It's really wild!'

"And he was suddenly, totally turned on to having his hand in me. I could
feel him exploring my ass with his fingers. I could feel him pushing deeper
and deeper into me. I felt total ecstasy, so total that I knew that I had
just fallen in love, not with Ray, but with fisting.

"I felt moved into an entirely different 'head space', although I could not
describe it then. Looking back, I know what that space was. It was my first
sexual trip into the astral. And I took Ray with me."

Larry continues: "I feel strongly that fisting has everything to do with
manipulating the root chakra (an Indian term for an energy center) which is
located in the anus and genital area. Stimulating this chakra stimulates the
sexual feelings. I know that the larger the object which goes into my body,
the more I am stimulated.

"This is why those who enjoy being fucked are always searching for the
'ultimate cock', that huge, seemingly impossible instrument to fuck them.
Huge dildoes will accomplish some of what I am talking about, but they can't
replace the living, breathing, spiritual 'ultimate cock'. For me this is the
hand/fist and arm of another man.

"Fisting does take a considerable amount of time and patience at first or
after a period of time when you haven't been fisted. It's not something that
you just 'do' and then it's over. And it's not about just sticking a fist up
there, moving around a little and then pulling it out.

"It is a ritual! It has to do with bonding, not only of the physical bodies
of two people, but of the emotions. It has to do with taking the time to
build up an intense sexual desire to do it and to have it done. It has to do
with mutuality in feeling. It can never be what it's supposed to be in a
'slam bam thank you ma'am' situation... Finally, fisting requires total,
absolute trust by the bottom in the Top. Anything less than this won't do at

"My experience with fisting, from the very beginning until now, has been the
most purely sexual experience, yet it also attaches itself to the spiritual.
That night," writes Larry, "when you had your fist up my ass, I felt the
same as that first time. Every time I have been fisted successfully, I have
felt the same as that first time."

As I said, I've never been fisted, so my experience has always been on the
side of insertion. Seeing the look on face of the receiver, it's obvious
that Larry's experiences are not unique. There is a glow, a warmth, and a
bonding that is

occurring. Understanding that, it becomes obvious why my friends who get
fisted are such zealot devotees of ass play.

Jack Rinella©1998



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