Common sense tells us that any good fisting scene has to be preceded by thoughtful preparation. One of the MOST important processes is the enema. Diet is your first consideration. Foods that move rapidly through the digestive system should be avoided.. Eating about 3 hours prior to the enema is recommended .
Syringe bulbs are a reusable, refillable container that is easily transported. But they are not practical as you have to refill often. The old fashioned hanging "douche" bag is great for a beginner. They come with a flow control device which will allow you to regulate the amount you wish to take in. Shower shots are equipped with an aluminum nozzle attached to a flexible hose, connected to a 2-way valve installed in the shower. Polypropylene tubing is connected to a 2-way shower valve. These allow for greater depth in cleaning.

Select a tepid water temperature. Apply a small amount of lubricant to the anal area and nozzle. Allow the water to enter you at a rate that doesn't cause immediate discomfort. The best results are obtained by taking just enough fluid in to cause some pressure in your left side.

When you reach this point remove the nozzle and retain the water by clenching your anal muscles. Retention allows the water to move around in the bowel. As it does, the pressure you felt in your side will subside and additional water may be injected. Time and experience will teach you when to add more or release what you have. When releasing, do so in a calm and relaxed manner.


Lubes basically come in 3 main classes; water soluble, tropical oil based and vegetable based. Petroleum based, such as Vaseline, is strongly discouraged as it is not readily digestible.
Water soluble lubes, (J-Lube, etc), are water based. These have a tendency to dry out and become tacky during use and need to be moistened with water during a session. A spray bottle of water is a useful and convenient way to accomplish this.

Tropical lubes, (Elbow Grease, etc), are made from palm/coconut oils and usually do not require any additional moisture to keep them slick. Tropical lubes, like petroleum lubes, cause a rapid breakdown of latex items.

Vegetable based lubes, (Crisco, etc.), are made primarily from corn oils. They do not need any additional moisture to keep them slick and provide excellent adhesion. Breakdown of latex items is minimal.

In fisting, there can never be too much lube. Small balls of frozen lube (Crisco, J-Lube, etc.) may be inserted for deep lubrication.
Lube contamination is a major concern, especially if you are involved in a group scene.. The easiest way to do this is to portion the lube out into disposable containers. This way the original container doesn't become contaminated by everyone "helping" themselves. In a one on one session the one pound cans of Crisco are easy to use and dispose of.

Getting In

The most important thing to remember, particularly with a novice fistee is to take things slowly and rest frequently. Start with a finger and feel around inside. Move your finger round and round in a circle to gently tease the anus open.

The fistee has to relax, otherwise he'll never be able to take more than a finger or two. If he's wanking, get him to stop. Tie his hands behind his back or over his head if necessary. Breathing slowly and deeply also helps. If the fister matches the rhythm of the fistees breathing it can have an almost hypnotic effect.

Once three fingers are inside you should check there is enough lubrication. If you're going to go for a whole fist the lube should cover the whole hand up to the wrist. The knuckles and heel of the thumb form the widest part of the hand and the most difficult part to take.

Although many people would think the fister is doing all the work and is 'the Top', the fistee is most definitely in control of the action. If he says "pause" the fister should ease off the pressure and stop moving for a moment. If the fistee wants "out" then the fister should gently withdraw as smoothly as possible.

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