Fist-ing (fist'ing )
also Handballing

n. 1. An archaic but prevalent term for the retrograde exploration of the digestive tract with the hand and arm, for purposes of sexual pleasure. 2. A term suggesting violence.
Hand-ball-ing (hand'bol'ing) 1. A term for the same activity, allowing possibilities of intimacy and spirituality.

What is handballing?

Fisting is manipulation of the anal canal, the rectum and perhaps the descending and transverse colon with the hand, and sometimes the forearm and beyond, in such a manner as to be sensually pleasurable. While it may sound uncomfortable and unpleasant to the uninitiated, so does all sexual activity. The joy comes from the feeling, not the anatomical description.

The Ecstasy

With Fisting, pleasurable sensations of other anal intercourse (such as manipulation of the prostrate in a man) are at play, but there is also an intense intimacy created by the very nature of the significant connectedness. Participants often describe venturing into other levels of consciousness or even blasting into outer space. The bottom can reach intense orgasm and the tops feels corresponding pleasure from the connectedness of the experience. Fisting is often called the closest thing to giving birth to a child. There is a feeling of being open and full of your companion. Participants speak of ecstasy beyond the limits of rational understanding. There is a feeling of trust between the partners, impossible to reach by any other means.

The Risk of harm

The initial reaction of most people of most people is: "Isn't this dangerous?" It is and it isn't. The greatest risk is trauma: bruising and soreness to the muscles, and possibly scratching or puncturing the lining of the digestive tract. If the participants do not know or care  what they are doing, these problems are not only possible, they are likely. An inexperienced bottom owes it to himself to learn at the hands of someone who has significant experience. An experienced bottom knows how to select partners who can be trusted. Tops usually learn their skills with experienced bottoms, or in many cases develop both skills together. There is much to be said for the joys of versatility. The best tops are often skilled at being bottom as well. 

By defining themselves by depth, width, or number of fists they can swallow at one time some men have turned fisting into a challenging athletic event rather than an expression of intimacy and trust between two men. A bottom whose sole aim is going for the gold, needs to recognize that a top may not be there to hand out medals. 
Fisting is NOT a contest... its not how deep you go, or how wide or anything else, its how good you feel, while you and your partner are doing it. You can get sidetracked by the goal and forget its supposed to be fun. There can be a little disappointment, when a bottom does not get both hands in, even though it FELT really great trying. Both the hand and the hole are important... and the connection between two guys that makes it very, very hot.

What is Fisting ?
Fist Fucking*
medical term: Bracioproctic Eroticism

You need to be able to feel totally at ease with the guy who is fisting you.
It is preferable to clean your ass only with plain water.
If you can with a medical douch, because the water output is softer and it means your ass is less irritated.

Good fisting should be about good communication between partners.
The mind and body need to work together in the same level


To douche a guy out I use what is known as a Bullet Douche(steralized of course).

This is an attachment that fits onto the end of a shower hose.They come in all sorts of shapes and sizes.The ones I prefer to use are surgical stainless steel that has been chrome plated and are 6 1/2inches/16cm long. They have a universal size fitting shower head screw.Which means they can be used in many different countries.

Generally the best position for a guy to be douched is to lie on his left side in the bath.So that the water which obviously is at an agreed temperature/presssure that he is comfortable with,can follow the natural pathway of his intestines.I often ask the guy then to hold the water for a short time, then to let it expel itself naturally.A good douche varies in time depending on what the guy has eaten and how much water he can retain at anyone time.Sometimes the douche can take 15 minutes sometimes 50 minutes.It can also help the process if he sits doggie fashion,with his head lower then his arse as the water can then travel down hill so to speak.Massaging the stomach lightly in a circular motion usually clockwise will also help.Some guys enjoy douching on their backs and to make the process more comfortable,I have a reinforced rubber sling for exactly that purpose as shown below.
Tips for over coming Nasty smells while Douching
At this point it can become a little smelly, to overcome this I often use essential oil burners in the bathroom.Peppermint oil I have found from experience is one of the best essential oils to mask any unwanted odours.This can also be used in a tiny amount in a enema (but that I will cover elsewhere).
Finger Nails

Before I first start the whole process I check that my Nails are very short, with no jagged edges.The best way I have found to have very short nails is soak your hands in warm water for a couple of minutes,this makes the skin around the fingers softer.Making the task of clipping my nails much easier as with clippers you can then cut the nails below the level of the end of your fingers.In other words you have a few millimetres of skin cushion ie the end of your fingers will be longer then your nails.As shown in the picture below.

This is a good time to relax with the guy. It may sound camp, but in my experience clipping (I use clippers as they cut better and lower then scissors) and fileing your nails in front of your partner, shows that you don't intend to hurt him. I find the best way to check that my nails are short enougth and have no sharp edges,is by tracing my tongue around them. Then I do what I call the lemon zest test. This consists of me soaking my hands in "Hibiscrub"manufactured by "Zeneca Chemicals Plc" which surgeons use for scrubbbing up. It is available in most pharmacies in Britain. Apart from making my hands biologically clean, it stings if you have any cuts or graises. Minor cuts I will paint with Plastic Skin. That said, gloves are always on hand. You can either buy them in pharmacies or ask your Doctor for them. Some family planning clinics also provide them.
When I play as I wrote above gloves are always available.Generally I have three types of glove,( all three varieties ,Latex,Nitrile,vinyl) so to speak,depending on my partner's preferences.So many people myself included find that you cannot be as sensitive with gloves as you can be without gloves.Obviously when being fisted if your partner is using gloves it goes without saying, if he is using the pre- powdered sort that he should wash them before hand (if he doesn't wash the gloves before hand this is a good way of spotting an amateur).As the powder is the main reason that so many guys get arse rash with gloves.When I use gloves whatever the material of their manufacture I prefer to wash them and then fill them partly with water, prior to putting them on, as I find that the water causes a sort of seal between the skin and glove they will then fit better.Thus increasing the sensitivity.

Each sort of glove has its plus and minus points,when using latex gloves after a few hours they deteriorate,but who in their right minds uses the same gloves for 4/5 hours at a time any way.When they are so easy to obtain from your local pharmacy, family planning clinic or STD clinic except a complete scrooge.

Nitrile gloves are good for people who have any allergy to latex.They are extremely strong and have greater punture resistance then either Vinyl or latex But they do in my view have a slightly horrible smell of old oranges, some other guys think this smell quite pleasant.They are available from Nasco Farm and Ranch Supplies. <http://www.nascofa.com> but watch out when ordering from them for extra custom duty fees as they are not based in the European Single market.This does not apply of course if you are living in the States.They were developed for milking cows,because of there anti bacterial properties they are quite often used in the fisting community.Though I am sure Nasco does not know the real reason lots of people in cities buy from them.So be discrete when ordering from them.

Vinyl gloves to me feel, like shoving a shopping bag up someones arse,they seem to be the least sensitive.But like Nitrile they are unaffected by oil based lubricants like Crisco.I only use these as a last resort.

I always use "CRISCO"manufactured by "Proctor and Gamble" which in England is very difficult to get and expensive, but I have a good source for it and I always buy in bulk. Some guys here in England use Trex which is an inferior product. I don't, as it melts at a lower temperature, so it does not have the viscosity needed for long in depth sessions. .Another Lubricant I sometimes use is Udder Cream, which is used by Veterinary surgeons. Two brands that spring to mind are "EUTRA MELKFETT"manufactured by "INTERLAC GMBH "in Germany and "UIERZALF" manufactured by "BOGENA BV" in the Netherlands.

A tip a lot of guys never seem to remember is that you should Never share an old can of Crisco,A variety of bacterial infections, particularly gonorrhea, a common sexually transmitted disease, and shigellosis, a virulent and painful bacterial infection, can be transmitted through fisting. For this reason, it is important to use fresh, uncontaminated lubricant, wear gloves, and wash the hands and arms thoroughly with an antimicrobial soap such as Betadine/Hibiscrub if there is any chance of contamination between partners.
Lubricants to avoid
A few to avoid are KY Jelly, Probe and other water-base sex-lubes. These are OK for normal fucking, but generally poor choices for fisting as they lack viscosity and tend to dry out. Remember, your arse is one of the last parts of the intestines. It separates liquids from solids. In other words it drinks up KY, so accidents and tares are more likely to occur if water based lubricants are used.I have personally tried J Lube and not felt safe with it as it drys to quickly.So I will not make any endorsements of it.So I will stick to my beliefs."ONLY INEXPERIENCED FOOLS/IDIOTS RECOMMEND WATER BASED LUBRICANTS FOR FISTING."I have never had any accidents, as I don't use them for fisting.I have heard of people I know, who have used water based lubricants and have had internal tears, some quite serious.

Some guys/fistees I play with enjoy lying back in either of my two Leather Slings while others prefer to get fisted Doggy fashion. From personal experience I find the Doggy position the easiest and the best to get the arse open. Ultimately, the guy getting fisted will chose whatever position is the most comfortable for him, standing up, sitting down etc etc.
Cleaning Up after playing
After a good fisting session comes the boring bit, cleaning up. I always prefer a guy who helps. It is really just good manners and sorts the selfish slobs from the people I welcome back.
How do I get rid of that Greasy Smell of Crisco ?
To clean all my towels after playing and to get rid of that greasy smell of Crisco, I use "Soda Crystals"manufactured by "ICI PLC" in a 60 Degree Wash with a fully biodegradeable washing powder such as "Ecover"manufactured by "ECOVER of Belgium". It is available all over Europe in most supermarkets, though any washing powder should do the trick.
Cleaning Dildos and Toys
First, I degrease with a washing up liquid such as "Ecover Washing Up Liquid".It really is kind to hands and latex as it is made only from plants and is fully bio degradeable. It is unlike other washing up liquids made from Petroleum products which rot latex/rubber. I then soak them in a solution of steralising liquid like "Milton Fluid"or any generic product that you would use for steralising baby bottles. Unfortunatly when steralising Dildos a side effect is that they get slightly discoloured. Finally I put the Dildos/Toys in the Dishwasher, using "Ecover Dishwasher Powder", obviously without crockery or cutlery. Then after the cycle is over they come out nice and dry ready for the next session.
Want to make contact with fellow fisters / handballers in Britain ?
Join Red Warriors and make contact with other Gay men who are into Fisting / Handballing. Click below for details

More to come when I get round to it. In the mean time may I recommend 2 books
1. Anal Health and Pleasure by Jack Morin. ISBN 0-940208-083. Published by the Yes, Press Down There Press, P.O.Box 2086-AP, Burlingame, CA 94011-2086.
2 Trust, The Handbook, by Bert Herrman. ISBN 0-9624751-5-7. Published by Alamo Square Press, P.O.Box 14543, San Francisco, CA 94114.
I do not recommend Patrick Gayles British effort as at the time of him writing it, he was not very experienced which he explained at 1995 SM Pride that he had only gone as far as his wrist. In other words, "Do You go to the Butchers to get Your hair cut ?". Of course you don't So, don't waste your money or effort looking for it.

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